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    Aargee said:

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    October 16, 2012 9:26 PM

    Yet another miracle product from Collinite

    I’d some metal & plastic surfaces, the shiny part of turn lights on Yamaha Rx, the exhaust, Bessel ring of the headlamp, chrome spoke wheels, alloy foot pegs on CBR 250R to name a few, whose surface was not clean despite washing with ONR, using Petrol, Diesel & Kerosene washes. I was confused as what might work to remove the tiny rust marks, restore the shine & not cause harm.

    That is when this product was suggested to me; application is simple…
    1. Remove as much dust/dirt as possible using plain water or solvents like ONR
    2. Apply a small quantity of liquid wax on to the dirty surface
    3. And rub well with a piece of cloth
    Voila!!! The rust is gone, metal shines like new & what’s more? The protection is for longer duration & repeating this process for some other time is even simple.

    However, do not expect the years of rust over metals to be removed immediately or to be fit & fine shine, that’s not going to happen unless it’s chromed again, but that’s understandable. You’ll also need lot of cloths to clean as you’ll be surprised how much impurities & dust will emerge when wiped even on a clean metal surface.

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