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    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

    sanjay said:

    February 11, 2012 9:51 PM

    In this part of Forum I will be adding answers to some Frequently asked questions by our customers,


    sanjay said:

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    February 11, 2012 10:04 PM

    Brief Comparison 3 Collinite Waxes We Sell:

    845: Easy to apply, as it is almost liquid. Good protection & Shine, but goes quick if car is washed with car shampoo regularly. No Shampoo wash, stays 3-4 months in Indian condition. At-least 3-4 double coats needed in a year. Good on all Color Cars. PDF Instructions available.

    476s: Little Difficult to apply, Soft Paste, but will stay longer as its detergent proof & will not easily go off the car if you have a few car washes in between 3-4 months. At-least 2 double coats needed in a year. Good on all Color Cars. Best for Dusty or Extreme humidity areas.

    Marque: Little Difficult to apply, Soft Paste. Best pure Carnauba wax mix in market, Excellent protection & Shine. Not detergent proof & you will need at-least 3 double coats in a year. Best for Dark Color Cars. PDF Instructions available.


    sanjay said:

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    February 12, 2012 12:02 PM

    Properties of Microfibers (MFs):

    1. All MFs are made of synthetic fibers.

    2. The superiority of a Microfiber cloth is determined by ratio of these fibers used in the weaving process.

    Eurow Yellow MF has 80% Polyester 20% Polyamide
    Mid Range MFs are 75% Polyester 25% Polyamide
    Premium MFs like Cobra mostly will have 70% Polester 30% Polyamide

    3. There is another property, The length of thread (its called Nap) the longer the nap the better absorbing power of water & dirt retaining, but difficult to clean as well.

    4. GSM {Grams per sq Meter}: 300-350 GSM Mfs are good for regular use & are easy to clean. 600-650 GSM have good nap (length of thread) better dirt & water retaining property, but difficult to clean.

    5. Another property is how the edges of MF cloths are sealed, Cobra & Viking have silk lining, prevents accidental scratching, Cheaper ones have edges piped using thread.

    a. MFs are very important for Car care for both exterior & interior.
    b. Its important to have a good supply of them.
    c. Always remove the tags on Mfs before using them.
    d. Its good practice to keep separate Mfs for separate use, like different for buffing, applying wax, exterior dusting, interior dusting, absorbing water after wash.


    sanjay said:

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    February 12, 2012 12:12 PM (edited on: January 9, 2014 )

    How to clean Microfibers/Mf Mitts:
    This is only to clean tough dirt/grease spots; Life of MF will be reduced!

    Cleaning the MF/ Mitt: Cheapest & Best is to use Surf Excel blue soap bars that come with the bag. They are available in any local kirana shop. Rub the coarse side of the bag with the soap in it on the MF/mitt in a bucket or running water. As you will keep rubbing the MF/Mitt on your open hand with soap bag in other hand, you will see that area will be cleaned. Remove all the soap with water, squeeze to remove excess liquid & dry the MF/Mitt “in shade” for next use.

    Avoid Buying “Red color” MFs, the color are not fast & will leach during washing.


    sanjay said:

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    February 14, 2012 8:57 PM

    Forever Black (FB) Products Tips & Tricks:

    1. For Forever Black Products, its very important that you use Masking Tape & be careful not to spill the liquid on to the floor or on your clothes.

    2. Both are very concentrated products & very difficult to remove if it stains on Car paint/Floor/Cloths etc. Use as less as possible.

    3. Keep a damp waste cloth ready to wipe any spill or unintended spots.

    4. Cleaning & Prepping the surface is important for best results.

    FB Bumper & Trim
    -Wash with supplied detergent (has to be diluted) all surfaces to be painted first & dry them completely to prep

    -Bumper & Trim Bottle with foam pad has a little valve which only allow the product to come out in sponge when it is pushed upside down on plastic bumper or rubber. Please first try it on a piece of polythene, to actuate the valve. Some of the liquid shoe polishes in India come in similar kind of packing.

    -For reaching hard to get places in case of Bumper & Trim, use a small thin brush & dab the bottle upside down on it softly to stain it with dye & then use the brush to get into hard to reach places. Dab only on tip, no need to do full brush, that will waste the product.

    -Use the upside down bottle to stain the bumper etc. & after one run, wait for 5-10 minutes & redo it. you might need several layers to do a good job on top of each previous one.

    FB Tire Gel:

    -Clean the Sides of tires nicely with any detergent using a brush, rinse & dry it completely.

    -Put Masking tape on the whole rim where it is in contact with tyre. Put a few drops of Tyre gel on the supplied foam pad & slowly run it along the tire surface to make it black. Max 2-3 coats will do the trick.

    -Now after several days when you feel the tyre side are dirty, just wash the tire with water & you will see its Black again.

    -One time application on tire should last at-least a month, but before putting gel again see if just washing it will work.


    sanjay said:

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    February 14, 2012 9:03 PM

    Collinite 845 Fluidity & Cap Issue:

    -Collinite 845 becomes liquid at high environmental temperature & at lower temperature it becomes solid again, that is the nature of product. Depending of outside temperature the fluidity changes.

    -But liquid is the best form it should be applied, as spread is even, Its liquid gold for car crazy people like us.

    845 Cap Issue:

    -Collinite 845 Cap sometimes acts funny. You will notice there are 2 caps, one on top of each other. The lower one locks on the bottle rim & upper just freely rotates.

    -The cap should work, with a little practice I am sure you will get a feel for it. Clean the brim of bottle as well as cap from inside with a cloth removing all stuck wax & then:

    1. try closing the cap just like a normal cap & then to tighten, press down the top cap a little & you will feel that it gets stuck, turning clock wise. You will see once the lover cap tightens, the upper cover will freely rotate.

    2. Now try opening the cap, while pushing down the cap with “little force” and simultaneously move it anti-clock wise, it will open without much efforts.

    If you feel, this cap is uncomfortable to work with, any home shampoo or other car care product Cap from empty bottle will work as well, if its right fit.


    sanjay said:

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    March 5, 2012 11:16 AM

    Original CA Duster Curing Process:

    1. Take the duster out of the Black bag, there is a transparent polythene, take that out too, wrap the duster from top to bottom in atleast 4 layers of News Paper completely. Put the duster back into the transparent polythene for 48hrs. All excess wax will soak into the paper.

    2. Then hang the duster without News Paper or any cover in air for another 48 hrs atleast for the wax to dry. If the wax does not dry completely, you will see wax steaks on car paint. nothing to worry about just wipe them off with a QD & buff with MF.

    3. Once duster is used a few time, it will start working perfectly.

    4. Avoid using the duster on very dusty car, first clean the car with QD using MF then use the duster later on.

    Congratulation you own an Amazing Car Care Product ever invented !


    sanjay said:

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    September 5, 2013 11:53 AM

    There are a few things which can be overlooked when using CA duster.

    a. shaking the duster is must 3-4 times after each use before putting it back into its cover.

    b. using it on a wet car makes it inefficient.

    c. using it on very dusty car (I know in India dust can be real tough & very sticky as its not just dust, it can have other particulate pollution as well)

    d. Do not wash it with very concentrated soap with very hot water (I know duster gets really black & one feels urge to clean it). Avoid washing it for atleast 2 years.

    In my view It will perform way better if car is kept waxed & duster used every alternate day, not every day.

    1 Duster one Car, that is best for longer life of duster.




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